We recently successfully launched our new Ultimate Roth IRA Conversion Biz Builder series! Ed Slott, American’s IRA Expert – along with Steve Goldstein, Thomas Gold Solutions, contributed. If you missed these two exclusive and interactive webinars – you can still catch replays by reaching out to your Advisor Development Consultant here at InsurMark. On these webinars we discussed how rising taxes are a serious threat to retirees, and there are only a few tax planning strategies left that can move the needle like a Roth Conversion. We can help you position yourself and put in you front of the EXPLODING Roth Conversion opportunity – how? By providing you the training and tools needed to EXCEL in this opportunity!

Training: There is no one better than Ed Slott to train us on Roth Conversions.

In addition to our training, we want to give you the tools you can use with clients and prospects.

  • Your personalized automated digital campaigns that run 24/7,
  • Successful prospecting video marketing
  • A FINRA reviewed Roth Analyzer tool
  • Consumer Roth Conversion handouts and a
  • Step-by-step implementation roadmap

There is much more to our new Biz Builder Series so be sure to call your Advisor Development Consultant here at InsurMark to get access to all this valuable training and implementation information.

Premium Finance Discussion Webinar

Have you written any premium finance cases for life insurance? OR – would you like to learn more about the opportunities to grow your business and learn about premium finance for your life insurance business leads? Join us this Thursday at 1:00 CST for our webinar this week where we will discuss:

  • Who your target client should be
  • Learn about the process of premium finance
  • How long is the typical case and insurance carriers we use…….and finally:
  • How InsurMark can help you deliver on these cases