June is National Annuity Awareness Month, and we have many resources and tools to help you educate clients and prospects about the benefits of annuities. 

Ask your Advisor Development Consultant for your copy of these materials today.

Ultimate Social Security Planning Biz Builder

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 8th, we launch our Ultimate Social Security Biz Builder program! Dr. Wade Pfau will teach us how to deal with Social Security and rising taxes. He’ll also share his latest research showing how good Social Security Planning can lower a client’s investment risk profile AND improve their family’s financial legacy!

We’ll have a showcase of the best marketing tools and strategies to go along with Dr. Pfau’s timely planning advice. There’s a registration link below AND be sure to call your Advisor Development Consultant for additional details about our Ultimate Social Security Biz Builder Series.

Carrier Updates and MYGA Report

Remember to check the Carrier Updates page for the latest news and announcements from insurance carriers, including links to resources, webinars and helpful documents. 

Our MYGA Report also gives you the highest 3, 5, 7 and 10-year interest rate guarantees.