One of the top sales concepts for fixed index annuities is coming back to our advisors. We officially have a 4% guaranteed death benefit on one of the more exclusive products here at InsurMark.

In fact, there’s a great opportunity for those of you that are interested. With the S&P 500 being down drastically here year-to-date through the month of March, we put together an analysis with the top performing indexes found within the fixed index annuity industry with over 17 of these indexes actually being positive during this timeframe. Three of those top performing indexes are found within the same products.

Reach out to your Advisor Development Consultant for more information on this analysis and exclusive products.

Asset-Based Long-Term Care webinar on May 3rd

If you’re looking for benefits of asset-based long-term care, make sure you join our upcoming webinar on May 3rd at 1:00 PM. Ask your Advisor Development Consultant on how you can get signed up to attend.

Carrier Updates and MYGA Report

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Our MYGA Report also gives you the highest 3, 5, 7 and 10-year interest rate guarantees.