Asset-based Long-term Care for Affluent Clients

If you missed our recent webinar last week about adding Asset Based Long Term Care to your business, we covered:

  • Why now is the best time in the last 50 years to be promoting Long-Term Care.
  • The Affect that COVID-19 has had on how people feel about Long-Term Care.
  • Why Wealthy Families are now Buying Long-Term Care in record numbers.
  • An Easy way to identify prospects and close them in the next 30 days without spending a penny on advertising.
  • How to use IRA money to create Tax-Free Dollars to pay for LTC.

A number of your peers that attended the event live SAID this afterwards—these are their words:

  • “Always great to learn different strategies and products to keep clients informed”
  • “If you are not on board already – this should be convincing enough to start”
  • “Well worth digging in to!”

Be sure to reach out to your Advisor Development Consultant for a replay!

“Prospecting in Times of Crisis” replay

Lastly, if you missed our recent Business Alpha webinar titled “Prospecting in Times of Crisis” we received fantastic feedback about a case study on how a small firm used four slides to gather nearly $200 million in new assets – in less than two years – during the 2007 financial crisis. Fast forward to 2022 and this is applicable again!

Lastly, we shared the “Volatile Times Referral Script” that is designed for times just like this!

Contact your InsurMark Advisor Development Consultant and request a replay.

Carrier Updates and MYGA Report

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