On behalf of Steve Kerns, Jeff Maxey and ALL of us here at InsurMark – as we celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday – we are grateful and thankful for your business and the opportunity to work with you.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and time with your loved ones this week!

New FIA Products from Annexus

Have you heard of the newest annuity product innovation from our partners at Annexus?  Just a few highlights: 

It is one of the strongest safe accumulation options in the market place today.

It is the FIRST FIA to have a Performance Strategy Ladder with participation rates up to 290%. This works similarly to a bond ladder you may be familiar with.

It is also the FIRST FIA to provide a benefit if Social Security benefits are reduced through a unique multi triggered benefit base.

There is an optional 10% Premium Bonus available on this contract as well.

Be sure to reach out to your Advisor Development Consultant for more information on this exciting EXCLUSIVE new opportunity!

Premium Financing

Our life insurance department is having a great year!

We recently hosted a webinar answering common questions and debunking some of the myths of premium financing. 

Check out the replay here and contact your ADC to see how we can help with your life insurance needs.

Livin’ La Vida Cabo in 2022

We’re at the quarter of the way mark of qualifying for our upcoming family reunion trip!

Join us at the luxurious Montage Los Cabos resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where elite advisors will gather to share best practices for growing business and enjoy world class dining and relaxation!

Qualification started July 1 and goes to next June 30th! 

Carrier Updates and MYGA Report

Remember to check the Carrier Updates page for the latest news and announcements from insurance carriers, including links to resources, webinars and helpful documents. 

Our MYGA Report also gives you the highest 3, 5, 7 and 10-year interest rate guarantees.