The Ultimate Social Security Planning Biz Builder

featuring MARY BETH FRANKLIN CFP®, author, journalist and recognized as one of America’s Leading Social Security and Medicare Experts.

Ignite your retirement income business with state-of-the-art tools, tactics, and technology.

With all the tax, Social Security and Medicare planning changes on the horizon, now is not the time to go it alone.

Register today for the Ultimate Social Security Planning Biz Builder. We'll be showcasing a nationally acclaimed team of planning and marketing experts who will coach you to accelerating growth in 2024.

In this two-hour session, we will share the tactics and technology that top advisors are using to monetize the tsunami of retirements happening right now with AUM, annuities and life insurance.

The webinar is FREE, exclusive, and includes:

  • World-class training from Mary Beth Franklin CFP, one of America's Top Social Security and Medicare Planning Experts, teaches us about 'Re-thinking Our Social Security Planning' from timing to tax planning to WEP/GPO to divorces to IRMAA to the unique opportunities we have in 2024.
  • Convert more prospects with our innovative Social Security Plus app. It takes away the guess work and uses intelligence to illustrate the optimal planning options including the widow’s penalty, longevity risk, income layers and more.
  • Learn the digital tools that are increasing results from Social Security Planning webinars, live seminars and digital prospecting by 20-30%.
  • See how advisors grew revenue by 30.9% last year while working fewer hours and spending less with our digital and social marketing campaigns.
  • Bonus: Learn how "longevity" is the most cutting edge client engagement and retention tool advisors can use right now. See how HALO becomes your Longevity Risk measurement tool.

Who Should Attend: All ambitious wealth, life, and annuity advisors will see rapid business growth from these strategies.

When over 90% of pre-retirees don't know what it takes to increase their Social Security retirement benefits, then you know they need you and it's time to re-boot your Social Security planning.

Don’t miss the launch. Register today.


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