Breakthrough Advisor Podcast

Mastering the FIA Index Landscape: Harness Expert Insights and Comprehensive Ratings for Optimal Asset Allocations with Laurence Black (Ep. 42)

This week, Jack Martin sits down with Laurence Black, the founder of The Index Standard®. Laurence explains how his platform is providing clarity and simplifying complex index concepts for financial advisors and their clients.


Capitalizing on Inflation and Taxes: A Three-Year Window for Advisors with Ed Slott, CPA (Ep. 41)

Are you an advisor looking to help your clients minimize future tax burdens? In this episode, Ed Slott talks about inflation and taxes while detailing some strategies advisors can use to help clients minimize future tax burdens.  Listen in as Ed explains how inflation can...


The Steps To An Effective Marketing Plan — Part 1 (Ep. 39)

This week, Jack Martin covers three out of the seven elements of an effective marketing plan for financial advisors. Jack shares the key ways to grow in the financial space and how to use these must-know elements to create a strategy to keep your clients engaged.


Differentiation & Digitalization: Advisors, Here’s What You Need To Thrive in 2023 with Stephanie Bogan (Ep. 38)

In this episode, uber successful business coach and the founder of Limitless Adviser Coaching, Stephanie Bogan, joins Jack Martin to unpack the keys to being a happier and more successful advisor in 2023. Stephanie details the mindset and strategies that ambitious advisors should adopt in order to experience hockey stick growth in 2023.