Breakthrough Advisor Podcast

The 2022 Secret Formula To Client Loyalty and Abundant Referrals with Julie Littlechild (Ep. 34)

In this episode, Julie Littlechild, the CEO and founder of Absolute Engagement, joins Jack Martin to explain the value of true engagement and leadership when maintaining client and advisor relationships. Julie unpacks the tips you need to start engaging with your clients in the right ways.


Using Technology to Level Up! Your Annuity Business with Keith Burger (Ep. 33)

In this episode, Keith Burger, the head of distribution in North America at Luma Financial Technologies, explains what it takes to bring yourself to the next level of financial advising and how Luma Financial Technologies can help you and your business get there. 


The Four Traits of a Breakthrough Advisor with Don Quante (Ep. 32)

In this episode, Lifetime MDRT Top of the Table and Million Dollar Advisor, Don Quante reveals four key traits advisors must have to elevate their practice to new heights. Plus, he explains everything you need to know about addressing clients’ long-term healthcare concerns and building the business of your dreams.


Get Ahead With Effective Social Security Planning with Jack Sharry & Jeff Quigley (Ep. 29)

In this episode, LifeYield’s CMO, Jack Sharry, and Senior Vice President, Jeff Quigley, discuss the importance of starting the Social Security conversation with your clients sooner rather than later. Plus, they reveal how you can use their technology when navigating these complex conversations.