InsurMark is the Advisor Development Organization. We are a servant minded community of professionals committed to excellence who work shoulder-to-shoulder with financial advisors of all shapes and sizes.

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Senior Leadership Team


A native of Texas, Jeff attended Texas A&M. Jeff and his wife Natalie have one daughter, Camden, and a son, Grayson. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys golf, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Jeff joined InsurMark in 1997, initially working directly with advisor-clients, then ascending into leadership roles in sales, marketing, technology, operations, and finance. Over the years, Jeff has been integrally involved in driving the company’s innovation and success, while helping InsurMark earn recognition as the leading Advisor Development Organization it is known to be today.

Due to his unwavering work ethic and commitment to excellence, InsurMark has twice recognized Tony as Employee of the Year. In his role as Senior VP, ADC, Tony works tirelessly with his advisor partners to help the “best of the best” streamline business operations, refine marketing strategies, develop advanced case designs and increase the volume of high-quality sales. Advisors can rely on Tony for his due diligence when making carrier and product recommendations, ability to leverage industry partnerships and consistent track record of helping advisors enhance annuity and life insurance production, while increasing assets under management (AUM).

In his role as Senior VP, ADC, Randy is known for his in-depth product knowledge, proficiency in advanced case design and data-driven sales and marketing solutions. Being a trusted business coach to some of the top advisors in the nation and seeing them succeed is what brings Randy his greatest joy in business. Top financial professionals turn to Randy when they want to get fresh ideas, streamline their practices and improve efficiencies through time-tested processes, technology, marketing programs, strategic sales techniques and business operations methods. They appreciate Randy’s human-centric approach and unmatched dedication to the advisors he serves, as well as his ability to identify new opportunities for growth and tactics to increase margins and enhance client service.

As VP, Senior ADC, Seth says he has been fortunate to work with some of the most talented financial advisors in the world, and he is passionate about helping those advisors continue on their journey to success. Seth has made it his mission to solve the problem of uncertainty for financial advisors. Advisors who are looking for fresh ideas, proven systems and processes, and honest advice can count on Seth to provide best-in-class solutions for new client acquisition, branding, product selection and tech stack. With more than two decades of experience, Seth knows what it takes to help advisors navigate day-to-day challenges, while maintaining focus on new opportunities that come their way.

Jeremy excels at business development in the retirement planning space and enjoys helping advisors streamline all phases of their businesses, with a focus on growth that is achievable year after year. He credits InsurMark’s proven processes and commitment to innovation for enabling him to help advisors maximize their potential.

An innovator himself, Jeremy hand selected a group of advisors to develop the Advisor Mentorship Program (AMP), a forum where successful advisors from across the country can network and share ideas. As a VP, Senior ADC, Jeremy has made a commitment to being the most reliable consultant in the business. Advisors can count on Jeremy for his in-depth industry knowledge, case design expertise and roadmap on how to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Shortly afterwards, she was also given the title of Accounting Manager. In 2010, the leadership team recognized Leighann as the Employee of the Year. Leighann continued her professional growth through the years and currently serves as the Vice President of Office Services, where she handles behind the scenes operations including accounting, financials and human resources. Leighann has shared most of her adult life and important milestones with her beloved InsurMark family and the people she works with. One month prior to joining InsurMark, she married the love of her life, Jeremy. Leighann and Jeremy have two beautiful teenage daughters, Kaitlyn and Makenzie. In her free time, when not attending her daughters’ extracurricular activities, Leighann enjoys being outdoors with her family and camping, better known as glamping.

During her career at InsurMark she has recruited advisors, worked in contracting, and on life new business before settling into a role as an annuity case manager.  Pam became the team lead on the annuity side of the business before becoming supervisor to what is now known as the Advisor Services team which encompasses life and annuity case managers as well as advisor contracting.  She was named Vice President of Advisor Services in 2014 and cherishes her years and growth experiences with her InsurMark family. Outside of InsurMark Pam and her husband Monte share a large and close knit family of six adult children and fourteen grandchildren.  They spend as much time as possible at their many baseball games, cheerleading events, and school programs.



To be the recognized leader in providing dynamic solutions that will protect and enhance the financial security of every home in America.

To provide advisors with a best-in-class experience for themselves and their clients with our:

  • Financial strength
  • Product and industry knowledge
  • Core values



  • Do the right thing
  • Treat each person with dignity and respect
  • Respect each other’s spirituality


  • Help people do their best every day
  • Build proud, dynamic teams
  • Help people reach their goals


  • Serve others as we would be served
  • Stand behind our word
  • Deliver on our promises


  • Act as good stewards
  • Constantly improve and innovate
  • Meet our commitments