If you are an ambitious annuity, life, or wealth advisor who wants to go further in 2022, you have found a home with us.

For over three decades we have succeeded in bringing top advisors and great people into community.

Whether you are a Millennial, GenX, Baby Boomer, start-up, or established advisor, the InsurMark team stands willing and able to help you go further in 2022. >> SCHEDULE YOUR DISCOVERY CALL



“One of the most attractive things about InsurMark are their ethics. I knew right from the get-go when I started dealing with them that that was just one of the most important things. It just showed through right from the very beginning, and I relish that.”

Russell, California


“If you need something you are not capable of providing, either intellectually or product-wise,  InsurMark is there for you. Everyone at InsurMark treats you like family, from Steve Kerns to Jeff Maxey, to every person in Customer Service. InsurMark is great people. I wouldn’t have been successful for 39 years without them.”

Rich, California


“We all have to make money, but to make money with a company you know is honest, that are just faithful and good and honest people—that’s a critically important element to that decision. The world we live in is a very difficult working world and if you’re thinking about where you want to work, where are you want to build your practice, the options and the opportunity here—these guys are on the cutting edge.”

Ken, Ohio


“InsurMark has been a great partner for me. They are very service and advice-oriented, which is how I work with clients. It’s been a great partnership because they’ve been able to help me do a better job and take even better care of my clients.”

David, Texas


“InsurMark is a family atmosphere. They are genuinely concerned about me, my practice, and my staff. If you are looking for an ADO home, I highly recommend this organization. During my 28-year Advisor career, I felt I was playing at a lower level. Then, I had the opportunity to meet Steve Kerns and InsurMark – now I am playing in the big leagues.”

Ron, California


“InsurMark provides not only product but a lot of help to me in thinking about how to handle life and business management practice and things of that nature, and I appreciate their presence in that way. The notion of the family is very unique and special in our business. That’s something you don’t find in most organizations, and I think it makes InsurMark unique and sets it apart.”

Barry, Missouri

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