Retirees are often so worried about running out of money that they fail to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

As their advisor, you can help them find the confidence to spend.

Tune in to Jack Martin’s conversation with Tamiko Toland (aka the Annuity Yoda), co-founder of IncomePath, about how advisors can help clients alleviate the fear of outliving their income through education and empowerment. You will learn how to proactively address the client’s fears, needs, and aspirations.

Tamiko discusses:

  • Why retirees (including millionaires!) tend to underspend
  • What it means to give clients the “permission to spend” so they don’t sacrifice their dream retirement
  • Simplifying complex financial concepts for clients through visualizations
  • How IncomePath makes it easier for advisors to provide greater clarity and education to clients about guaranteed income
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Tamiko Toland teamed up with Michael Finke to start IncomePath because she shares his vision of a better way to communicate retirement risks and help people make better decisions for retirement. She is an annuity expert and thought leader with a passion for creative approaches to educating people about the real risks and solutions for their retirement needs.

For more than two decades, Tamiko has tracked trends and key issues on retirement income, writing and speaking to a variety of audiences. She most recently held leadership roles at TIAA and Cannex Financial Exchanges, an annuity data and analytics firm. Tamiko got her introduction to annuities as a trade journalist, but her proclivity for in-depth reporting drew her to Strategic Insight, where she managed the Annuity Insight data service and authored reports on cutting-edge topics. 

In addition to serving as IncomePath’s CEO, Tamiko runs a consulting firm that helps clients with strategy and communications on lifetime income for individual annuities, as well as lifetime income solutions offered within retirement plans. She regularly shares her perspectives with the news media and speaks at industry conferences and webinars.