As a financial advisor, it’s not always easy to make informed decisions when selecting best-performing indices, ETFs, and/or annuities for our clients. 

With so much data and information available, navigating through it all and finding the most relevant and objective comparisons can be cumbersome. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. 

This week, Jack Martin sits down with Laurence Black, the founder of The Index Standard®. Laurence explains how his platform is providing clarity and simplifying complex index concepts for financial advisors and their clients.

Laurence discusses:

  • How The Index Standard® evaluates indices for annuities
  • The Index Standard® rating system for indices and how they forecast performance
  • His firm as a tool to help financial professionals save time: What you should know about their latest innovation 
  • Tips on how to overcome the challenges of predicting the future in finance and the alternative views The Index Standard® provides
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Laurence Black is the founder of The Index Standard® and an index advisor to Professor Robert J Shiller. Earlier in his career, Laurence instigated the Shiller Barclays Index family with Barclays and Professor Shiller. He has appeared in interviews with the Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Structured Retail Products and is a frequent contributor to index thought leader pieces.