Retirement, divorce, loss of a spouse, remarriage, aging, disability, becoming a caregiver…these are all life-changing moments for a client.

Can you confidently handle these tough conversations?

Join Jack Martin and Dr. Amy D’Aprix, a distinguished expert, speaker, and coach on life transitions, as they explore how to navigate life-changing client conversations during moments that matter — leading to deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Dr. Amy discusses:

  • Overcoming common barriers that stop advisors from being vulnerable and having impactful conversations
  • Real-life stories of advisors guiding clients through major life changes
  • The three levels of listening to handle emotionally taxing conversations
  • How to involve the next generation in your client conversations 
  • The power of niches in building strong relationships
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Dr. Amy D’Aprix is an internationally respected expert on lifestyle issues relating to retirement, aging, caregiving, and family dynamics.

With a Ph.D. in Social Work, “Dr. Amy,” as she is affectionately known, has provided down-to-earth, practical, and professionally informed guidance on Life Transitions to individuals, professionals, and organizations for over 30 years. A compelling, pragmatic, inspirational speaker and coach, Dr. Amy has addressed thousands of Financial Advisors and their clients across North America. 

She provides sound guidance, humor, and enthusiasm in navigating Life Transitions to ensure the success of overall life goals and financial plans. This passion is reflected in Trusted Advisor of Choice and Client Connections Toolkit, two practice elevation programs for financial professionals to better understand their client’s concerns and help clients proactively prepare for the life transitions they face.

Dr. Amy is regularly featured and interviewed on television, radio, podcasts, and online publications.