Two for Tuesday

Join our ABLTC Advisor Development Consultant Jeff Sather for this month’s Two for Tuesday session discussing sales concepts and positioning asset-based long-term care product at point of sale with your customers. Whether you’re just introducing ABLTC to your business or looking to go deeper, make sure to tune in to our Two for Tuesday starting tomorrow on May 9th.

Turbocharge Your Sales Results with Video Selling

Did you know there’s roughly $84 trillion of wealth that’s going to be passed on here over the next 22 years?

It’s becoming crucial for advisors to find ways to engage a younger generation that is used receiving their information with video. Join us this Thursday to learn more about how to leverage video marketing in your practice.

Catalyst Office Hours

On Friday, we’re going to roll out our best practices utilizing our innovative digital marketing system Catalyst. We’ll be introducing to recent changes and new resources on Friday’s call, so don’t miss it.

Carrier Updates

Check our Carrier Updates page for the latest news and announcements, including links to resources, webinars and helpful documents. 

MYGA Report

Our MYGA Report also gives you an up-to-date look at the highest interest rate guarantees available through InsurMark.