Supermodels are a sight to behold (we loved you back in the 90s Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington) but when it comes to building a stellar advisor practice, we’ve got a different SUPER Model in mind. It’s a business model that top advisors use to create a personalized experience for clients that results in long-lasting impact for both clients and advisors.

So, what is this SUPER Model? Is it easy to integrate into your practice? And how does it create long-lasting impact? Our virtual CMO Jack Martin asked these questions and more when he sat down with award-winning entrepreneur, author and rockstar interviewer Brittany Hodak for a recent episode of the Breakthrough Advisor Podcast.

Who is Brittany Hodak and why do you need her SUPER Model insight?

When we say “rockstar interviewer,” we’re referring to Brittany’s years working in the entertainment industry hanging out with, interviewing and promoting rockstars (i.e., Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Dolly Parton, Motley Crue). It was during this time that Brittany had an epiphany: Why do some bands go viral and attain superstardom, while other equally talented musicians fade away?

After years of rubbing elbows with super talented musicians (and we’re guessing … a few supermodels as well), Brittany figured out the superstars’ secret to success: They always went the extra mile for their fans. From this revelation, she developed a game-changing customer experience system for winning and KEEPING customers that she has used in fan-engagement campaigns for dozens of global brands, including Walmart, Disney, Amazon and more.

Brittany’s revelations and step-by-step instructions on how to employ her CX system, the SUPER Model, are revealed in Brittany’s excellent, must-read book: Creating Superfans: How To Turn Your Customers Into Lifelong Advocates. The SUPER Model works for big brands and rockstars, and it’s gamechanger for advisors, too.

What is the SUPER Model and how does it work?

If you’ve previously read our blog, listened to our podcasts or participated in an InsurMark webinar or two, you know we talk a lot about the importance of building trust, differentiation, personalization, being empathetic and sincerely caring about clients. The SUPER Model echoes these sentiments.

During the podcast, Jack asked Brittany to explain what the acronym S.U.P.E.R. in SUPER Model stands for and how it works. Here are a few highlights from their conversation:

STORY: “S” or “story” is the first pillar of the SUPER Model. According to Brittany, “Each pillar builds on the one before, starting with your story. As a financial advisor, you are living in a commodity space. You have lots of other people, who on paper, do a very similar or the exact same thing as you do. You have to differentiate yourself for your existing customers, but more importantly, for your prospects. The way you differentiate yourself is by making them understand who you are and why you are best positioned to serve them.”

So how do you get there? To the root of your story? Brittany encourages advisors to think about why they decided being a financial advisor was the right gig for them. As she explains, “In a world where you could do anything at all, why did you pick this? And why are you so passionate about using your gifts and your strengths to help your customers lead a better life?”

UNDERSTAND: You start with your story but you also need to understand the customer’s unique story. During the podcast, Brittany said she always likes to ask people how they felt when the first saw one of their teachers outside of school. (For example, Jack freaked out when he saw his San Diego High School teacher at a concert in London.)

“It’s a great analogy to the way a lot of people treat their customers. They only think about them as ‘my customer,’ in a very one-dimensional way. You’re not thinking about the rest of their life, who they are, this full picture of them as a person. And to be successful in any service industry, especially as a financial advisor, it’s critical to understand the totality of who your customer is. What are they struggling with? What transformation do they want in their lives? When I talk about understanding your customer story, it’s about having true curiosity and empathy. That precedes being an authority,” Brittany says.

Get tips on how to REALLY get to know your clients in our recent blog: The Catalyst for Transforming Your Business Starts with One Word

PERSONALIZED: Having a deep understanding of your client allows you to forge deeper relationships and do your job better because you know their preferences. This enables you to create a personalized, curated custom experience for each client. The customer experience includes the way and how often you communicate, as well as what educational information you provide and in what format, among other things.

Not every customer is the same, and not every client you have is going to want the same experiences from you. Personalization is all about the things you do to make someone feel welcome, and technology plays a key role.

As Brittany explains, “When you can combine the high tech and the high touch, you create very high impact. Those personal experiences are going to be memorable and meaningful for your customers. It’s also the things you can do with technology. How often are you sending them portfolio updates and is that aligned with how often that they want to hear from you? Are you making it easy? Old school snail mail vs. an app? Are you giving them the education and the support they need, so that they can engage with you and with their money at the intervals and in the ways in which they prefer?”

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS: As the follow up to the personalization pillar, exceeding expectations is all about what Brittany calls “intentional experience design.” If you understand your client and are going full steam ahead with personalizing your interactions with them, you can be intentional about the experiences you provide.

“Not everything needs to be a wow. But if you take a look at all of the interactions you have with clients over the course of a year, what are two or three you can really elevate that will make them meaningful and memorable? So, clients remember it, maybe talk about it and post about it on social media because you’ve exceeded their expectations. It’s about taking what clients were expecting to be a neutral interaction and making it incredible,” says Brittany.

REPEAT: This final pillar is what Brittany says is a nod to the fact that experience is something that is never ending. As she explains, “You have to bring customer centricity as a practice and a mindset every single day to everything that you do.”

Experience is also a nod to the systems and processes advisors can use to automate certain processes. According to Brittany, this allows advisors to “free up more time to focus on noticing when you have the opportunity to create a wow moment because of something you’ve just heard, seen or experienced. You get to use the human side of you to react in a way that’s going to be meaningful for your client.”

Want to put the SUPER Model to work in your advisor practice?

Listen to the full podcast for tips on how you can use the SUPER Model business model for advisors. Jack and Brittany take a deep dive into the five pillars and provide specific strategies advisors can start employing today. If you purchase Brittany Hodak’s book, you also get access to a bunch of helpful resources, including templates to help execute your business plan the SUPER Model way.

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