Marking a remarkable milestone, InsurMark recently celebrated its 40th anniversary!

And amidst this jubilant occasion, InsurMark also appointed a new president, Jeff Maxey, who is on a mission to help advisors take their businesses to new levels of success.

In this episode, Jack Martin interviews Jeff about the major changes he envisions for the company and why it is truly an exciting time for the financial services industry.

Jeff discusses:

  • The culture and core values that InsurMark will continue to embrace
  • What collaborative leadership means (and how advisors can benefit from it)
  • His vision and plan to achieve InsurMark’s ambitious 5-year goals
  • How InsurMark will continue to serve advisors’ evolving needs
  • And more!

Connect with Jack Martin:

Connect with Jack Martin:

About Our Guest:

Jeff Maxey is truly “on a mission” to work with advisors across the country and assist them in taking their businesses to exciting new levels. In 2023, Jeff was named President of InsurMark after serving as the company’s Executive Vice President and General Manager for six years. A native of Texas, Jeff attended Texas A&M. Jeff and his wife Natalie have one daughter, Camden, and a son, Grayson. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys golf, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Jeff joined InsurMark in 1997, initially working directly with advisor-clients, then ascending into leadership roles in sales, marketing, technology, operations, and finance. Over the years, Jeff has been integrally involved in driving the company’s innovation and success while helping InsurMark earn recognition as the leading Advisor Development Organization it is known to be today.