Jeremy Houser

VP, Senior Advisor Development Consultant

About Me

As a trusted consultant and partner to the advisors I serve, I provide practice management through a process to help unlock my advisors’ full potential. We specialize in business development for financial professionals who focus in retirement planning. As your consultant, we help develop financial advisors/registered reps/independent producers through a proven process. Some of these resources include: case design for clients, proven marketing systems to keep you in front of qualified prospects, providing tools to help train admin staff and bringing our advisors outside of the box ideas to differentiate themselves from the competition in their area. I am fully committed to my team of advisors.

Through a proven successful process, we work to help advisors professionalize all phases of their business and focus on growth that is achievable year after year. One of our passions within our process is to help advisors refine their own process and attract clients instead of chasing them.

At the beginning of 2018, I hand-picked a select group of my advisors to develop AMP (Advisor Mentorship Program). AMP is for advisors looking to link themselves to a network of successful advisors across the country and share best practices. This program continues to grow and has helped our advisors stay focus on achieving their goals, while adding value to their practice and developing Business Alpha through our resources here at InsurMark. Business Alpha is defined as the extra benefit that separates your firm from your competition which attracts clients to work with you. In 2018, the advisors involved in AMP doubled their production collectively as a group. In 2019, this same group of people grew their business an additional 25%!

I have been told that the free level of knowledge we bring to our advisors practice is a great benefit. Not only do we help create trust and confidence to propel your business to the next level, but I guarantee I’m the most reliable consultant in the business when it comes to knowing product, case design and ways to separate yourself from your competition. I take pride in sharing industry knowledge to my partner’s on a daily basis and when we get the opportunity to earn your business, I will not fail you.

Meet the Team

Elliot Huddle

Advisor Development Consultant

Dave Ray

Life Advisor Development Consultant

Maria Thibodeaux

Life Insurance Case Manager

Binh Nguyen

Life Case Design Specialist

Felicia Turner

Annuity Case Manager

Aaron Lee

Advisor Contracting Leader