Randy Yost

Senior VP, Advisor Development Consultant

About Me

For nearly two decades, I’ve been working daily to help financial advisors achieve their goal of upward profitability. Always trying to get better, I’ve honed my product knowledge and advanced case design strategies to help my advisors make smart confident decisions using a technology and data driven approach that is also human centric so you never have to go it alone. As a trusted consultant I will help you unlock your full potential through a time tested proven process focused on case design for clients, proven marketing systems to help you attract your ideal clients, as well as helping you to scale your business to monetize your life’s work. I am fully committed to partnering with the advisors I serve.

I have had the privilege and honor of serving some of the industry’s top advisors and assisting them with marketing, sales, and business-operations support. As your Advisor Development Consultant I specialize in helping ambitious annuity, life, and wealth advisors build more successful and sustainable 21st century retirement income businesses.

Who benefits

Top financial professionals who are looking for fresh ideas and predictable results that ultimately allow them to professionalize every aspect of their business with a process driven approach. If you’re committed to enhancing your practice without sacrificing your level of client service, contact me for strategies and solutions that can deliver on their promises.

What I can deliver

With my support and knowledge, advisors can grow their business, increase their income, and lower overhead through proven, time-tested processes, marketing programs, tools, and resources. By recognizing smart opportunities and taking steps to capitalize on them, you can increase your margins while enhancing your relationships with confidence.

Meet the Team

Dave Ray

Life Advisor Development Consultant

Maria Thibodeaux

Life Insurance Case Manager

Binh Nguyen

Life Case Design Specialist

Felicia Turner

Annuity Case Manager

Katy Christy

Annuity Case Manager

Michelle Anderson

Annuity Case Manager