As an advisor, you have to be strategic about your marketing. 

While building brand awareness and value for your target audience is crucial, it’s not everything.

In this episode, Jack Martin continues to talk about the elements you need to build a million-dollar business. 

From defining your niche to lead capture and the concept of funnels, Jack unveils how these elements contribute to growing your business while enhancing the relationship you have with your clients.

Jack discusses:

  • How to shift from traditional lead capture to brand awareness
  • Reasons your prospects may not be falling into the funnel
  • The concept of ‘ascension’ and the importance of elevating the relationship you have with your clients
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on lead referral services without building any brand awareness
  • What makes you ‘referable’ 
  • The difference between solving and fixing 
  • And more!


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