The organic growth rate for investment advisors has taken a hit since 2019, with the average investment advisor firm growing at a slower pace.

But there is a way to turn things around.

In this episode, Marc Lamson, the president of ASLAN Training, explores the techniques advisors need to convert leads into long-term clients while unveiling powerful strategies to unlock the potential of organic growth.

Marc discusses:

  • Priority, perspective, and pressure as key components to cultivating fruitful client-advisor relationships
  • The firm’s Other-Centered Selling® approach
  • Why traditional selling techniques are becoming less effective and ways advisors (like you!) can build client receptivity 
  • The concept of ‘permission for value’ 
  • Ask questions: The value of providing meaningful solutions to client problems and pain points
  • How to conduct discovery meetings that build trust and facilitate meaningful connections
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

As the President of ASLAN, Mar Lamson is responsible for all day-to-day operations including the firm’s sales and marketing efforts and growing success in helping clients be Other-Centered®