Many clients experience a huge gap between the services they expect and the services provided by their advisors. This difference is evident in tax planning.

In fact, 92% of clients expect tax planning advice, but only 25% get it! (Source: Spectrem Group)

In this episode, Chris Field, Holistiplan’s chief growth officer,  joins Jack Martin to explain the firm’s approach when helping advisors bridge the service gap by making tax planning comprehensive, efficient, and easily scalable.

Chris discusses:

  • The evolution of client expectations (and how advisors can continue to meet them)
  • Holistiplan’s ability to read a tax return and create a customized report within seconds
  • Ways proactive tax planning enhances client engagement
  • Crucial year-end considerations for advisors (action items for Q4)
  • A sneak peek into his three books (all about doing good and finding meaning in life)
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Chris Field brings more than a decade of experience connecting good people to good products. He finds few things as satisfying as creating true win/wins for all parties. His primary role at Holistiplan is to ensure more advisors know how Holistiplan can help their business and their clients. In addition to his work for Holistiplan, Chris leads a global charity doing humanitarian work, speaks across the country, and teaches a business class at Texas A&M.