In this episode of The Breakthrough Advisor™, Michael Harris and Steve Gresham, senior education advisors for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, join Jack Martin to talk about the communication challenges advisors face when meeting client needs for protected lifetime income. They share the Alliance’s latest research on how advisors are bridging the communication and emotional gap with their clients and prospects.

Tune in and learn how to drive conversations about protected lifetime income with clients effectively:

  • Annuities as an integral part of a well-diversified portfolio
  • Different investor personalities and their influence on financial decision-making
  • The value of involving all family members in the financial planning process
  • How to engage your clients on a deeper level by asking questions that go beyond their risk tolerance
  • And more!


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About Michael Harris:

Michael Harris is a 28-year veteran of the retirement planning industry, with a specialty in retirement-income strategies and deep expertise in annuities solutions. He currently serves as the senior education advisor for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, a nonprofit organization founded to help Americans address the risk of outliving their retirement income. As an Alliance advisor, Michael provides strategic guidance, thought leadership, and educational resources and speaks at industry events to help increase awareness among financial professionals and consumers of protected lifetime income solutions, including annuities. In his previous role as VP/head of the Advanced Solutions Group at Lincoln Financial Distributors, Michael was part of a team that supported Lincoln’s extensive nationwide network of wholesalers and created holistic financial strategies that directly met the company’s and its customer’s goals.

About Steve Gresham:

Steve Gresham is on a mission to make our longevity simpler, easier, and more rewarding. For more than forty years, Steve has been a guide to understanding the challenges of aging and a leader in capturing the opportunities. He has served as a retirement advisor, industry executive, and consultant with some of the world’s largest financial companies, including the individual clients of Fidelity Investments. He has also been a champion for aging issues in both public policy and academics, serving in the faculty of Brown University. Steve has authored five books for advisors about providing better retirement outcomes. He now leads a national leadership community called Next Chapter alongside leaders of 60+ companies dedicated to better retirement outcomes, and he is a senior educational advisor to the Alliance for Lifetime Income, a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization focused on retirement security.