With a rise in FinTech solutions, wealth management has become a rapidly evolving landscape.

This demands advisors to stay ahead of the curve — especially with marketing and advice engagement.

In this episode, Diana Cabrices, Chief Evangelist to B2B WealthTech Brands, joins Jack Martin. As a thriving entrepreneur in the FinTech innovation and wealth management space, Diana shares valuable insights for elite advisors looking to level up their marketing and business development.

Diana discusses:

  • Key considerations before outsourcing your marketing
  • How to allocate your marketing budget toward a mix of digital and in-person strategies
  • The power of video, testimonial marketing, and storytelling to build trust
  • Why advisors should emphasize ‘problem-solving’ in their conversations and content creation
  • The significance of a strong digital presence for attracting younger clients
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Throughout her wealthtech journey, Diana Cabrices has represented brands with solutions spanning the advisor tech gamut, including marketing, branding, recruiting, M&A, succession planning, small business benefits, and more. She has held roles in sales, partnerships, marketing, enterprise development, consulting, and customer success, allowing her to gain a well-rounded understanding of wealthtech growth needs from a widened growth lens. Most recently, Diana helped 10x recurring revenue in 3 years at Snappy Kraken, an award-winning martech platform built exclusively for advisors. She entered the industry in 2017 with a foundation of over 15 years of passionate selling. Since then, she has flown all around the country, speaking on hundreds of advisor webinars and on dozens of industry stages.

Fast-forward to today, Diana has introduced a first-of-its-kind industry growth offering with the launch of her company, Diana Cabrices Consulting. As a Fractional Chief Evangelist, her talent isn’t limited to a single company, which allows her to make a greater impact on the industry as a whole. Most importantly, she is able to drive real value for tech companies while doing what she loves the most — being an effective evangelist advisor you’d enjoy hearing from.