There is a pressing need for advisors to address the rising wealth transfer concerns. There are also evolving tax legislations to be considered.

How can advisors navigate these changing environments?

Find out in this episode of The Breakthrough Advisor™ as Ed Slott, founder and president of Ed Slott and Company, LLC, joins Jack Martin to explore the opportunities facing advisors in 2024, including the Great Wealth Transfer and evolving tax planning needs.

Ed discusses:

  • How elite advisors leverage family meetings to connect with the next-gen
  • How to effectively respond to the needs of a surviving spouse
  • The need to address the tax-heavy nature of IRAs
  • What he often tells advisors who are afraid to mention “tax planning” due to compliance
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Ed Slott is a nationally recognized IRA distribution expert, professional speaker, television personality, and best-selling author. He is known for his unparalleled ability to turn advanced tax strategies into understandable, actionable, and entertaining advice. He has been named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today wrote, “It would be tough to find anyone who knows more about IRAs than CPA Slott.”

As president and founder of Ed Slott and Company, LLC, the nation’s leading source of accurate, timely IRA expertise and analysis to financial advisors, institutions, consumers, and media, Ed provides advanced training to financial professionals to become knowledgeable, recognized leaders in the retirement marketplace; and answers to retirement savers’ most important questions, continually providing practical, easy-to-understand information on IRA, retirement, tax, and financial planning topics.