Advisors often fixate on ‘the last mile’ — the final stage of converting leads into clients.

They overlook the top of the funnel. It’s imperative to establish a diverse growth model that leverages multiple channels because referrals and COIs alone no longer move the needle!

Learn how to do just that with Jack Martin and guest Stephanie Bogan, a high-performance business coach to advisors, leaders, and founders. They share a marketing model that is highly relevant in the modern era of digital marketing and AI. Their insights are especially helpful to advisors who are struggling to meet their organic growth targets.

Stephanie discusses:

  • A powerful mindset shift that helps advisors unlock high-growth potential
  • Why the real challenge is not fee compression, but rather ‘service inflation’
  • The rising need for highly personalized messaging and services
  • The influence of aggregators on the financial advisory landscape
  • Marketing based on a “lather, rinse, repeat” approach
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Stephanie Bogan founded her first consulting firm at the age of 24. At 36, she sold it in a 7-figure deal to a Fortune 200 company, where she joined the executive team. After four years of integrating and scaling their offerings across thousands of advisors, Stephanie left the Fortune 200 life to join United Capital as SVP of Training and Client Experience, where she worked on the national practice model, training center, and client experience successfully adopted by thousands of advisors and acquired by Goldman Sachs.

In 2014, with a respected career that left her financially successful but personally unsatisfied, Stephanie retired to the beach in Costa Rica to continue her search for something more satisfying. She spent years studying the science of success and happiness, searching for the elusive something ‘more and better’ hidden somewhere between the lines of my success. What she found blew her mind: The secret to experiencing greater success, happiness, health, wealth, and well-being is not to master your methods but rather to master your mindset. It turns out that the secret to our success is hidden in the science of our behavior.